At Cedar Springs, our members health & safety is the most important thing.  Please take a moment to review our safety measures and protocols.

General (Updated December 1, 2020)

Mask Protocol Coming Off Courts

For those Members playing racquet sports, we ask that once you come off courts and are on the sidelines, please place your mask back on.  We understand that water breaks are a must, so please hydrate, however anything longer off the court, your mask MUST be placed back on.  These protocols are in place to protect your fellow Members and yourself as best we can.  They also allow us to remain open during the pandemic.  We thank you in advance as do those around you.

Reminder on Some of Our Rules

  • Masks are MANDATORY in all areas including fitness.
  • We ask ALL persons (with the exception of children under 2 and those with underlying medical conditions which inhibits one's ability to wear a Face Covering).


  • divider nets must be up at all times, no exceptions
  • doubles play allowed
  • league play allowed
  • singles play is allowed
  • privates & semi-privates are allowed
  • if you are part of an Academy (ACE or OAT), refer to communications from the program leaders
  • courts must be booked before play
  • please use for reference


  • no doubles play (unless you are in the same household)
  • no singles play (unless you are in the same household)
  • single hit play only
  • privates & semi-privates are allowed
  • courts must be booked before play


  • lane swimming is allowed
  • performance swimmers are permitted.  Please reach out to your program leaders for your rules
  • lanes must be booked before arrival


  • fitness area is open but you must call in advance of your work out and reserve.  Please wipe down all equipment after use
  • fitness classes are not permitted to run at this time


  • no towels
  • no steam or sauna
  • no hot tubs or jacuzzis
  • no guests or spectators
  • no new members from anyone outside of Halton

the Kitchen

  • hours of operations;
    • Monday to Friday 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm, last call at 8:50 pm
    • Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    • Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


  • Sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting the club
  • Temperature and Symptom Check done at each visit and documented
  • Follow the one way system of arrows throughout the club (green as you enter, red for exiting)
  • 3 meters or 9 feet apart for social distancing, cues in place
  • Many hand sanitizing and disinfectant stations throughout the club
  • Clean your equipment after you use it
  • Sign out of the club if using Fitness Equipment

Some changes at the club we are not offering just yet, but will keep you posted as the ministry lifts restrictions:

  • Steam rooms, jacuzzis, hot tubs, spas and saunas are still closed
  • Towel service is temporarily suspended
  • Showers are available, however please bring your towel from home.
  • At the end of every week we will be electrostatic spraying the equipment/rooms in the facility and will provide additional housekeeping in high traffic areas.

General Rules

  • Every person coming in to the club MUST sanitize their hands upon entering, have their temperature checked as well as pass a symptom check.  Many hand sanitizing and disinfectant stations throughout the club
  • You will be checked into the system by front desk, however you MUST sign yourself out after your workout at the front desk.
  • Masks are to be worn in all common areas.
  • Follow the one way system throughout the club (green as you enter, red for exiting)
  • Please respect physical distancing at all times . There will be no sharing machines and no super sets at this time
  • Please wipe down your equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use.  If this rule is not respected we will consider suspending your membership.
  • Locker rooms will be available
  • Towels are not available.
  • Water fountains are not available for use at this time.  Please bring water from home or visit the restaurant to purchase water.
  • No gym bags permitted on the gym floor. Please only bring what you can carry as we are unable to hold on to any personal belongings at the front desk.
  • No guests until further notice.  Our goal is to have Fitness Classes up and running for September 1.
  • Showers are available, however please bring your towel from home.  No saunas or steam rooms are available yet.
  • At the end of every day we will be electrostatic spraying the equipment/rooms in the facility and will provide additional housekeeping in high traffic areas.
  • Studios/equipment will be cleaned between each class.
  • The number of participants will be capped in each class to ensure there is adequate space to exercise safely.  Sign up for classes ahead of your desired class so that you have a spot to get your workout in.  Please call the front desk up to 1 week in advance to book your spot.
  • Please do your part, sanitize and clean equipment before and after each use.  It is important that everything lends a hand.  We cannot stress this enough.


  • social distancing rules are in place.  Stay 2 m apart
  • our staff/coaches will wear the appropriate protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc) and will go through a wellness check every day before they check in
  • for lessons, you will be asked to wait in the waiting area before front desk until your coach arrives.  Your coach will escort you to the court obeying social distancing rules
  • players and coaches are to provide their own balls
  • the operation will be 100% cashless.  Electronic payments only.  All private lessons go through the front desk.
  • no walk-ons.  Bookings can be made by logging in to our system
  • similar to grocery stores, floors will be marked with arrows for flow of traffic. You will be asked to obey these as if they are one way streets.
  • you are allowed 10 minutes before you court time and you must leave immediately after your booking is done.
  • washroom facilities will be available.  Courts 1-6 will use the Harvester room bathrooms.  Courts 7-12 will use the back washrooms in the squash area.

Squash and Racquetball

The rules for Squash and Racquetball have been updated.  As of July 20, Squash Ontario has provided the following guidelines.  They are applicable for racquetball as well;

  • You MUST book a court online.
  • Masks are recommended when entering and exiting the facility.
  • Pods: a. Players may engage in the above on-court activities only within a pod of a maximum of 6 players. b. A player can only be in one pod. c. The list of pods should be updated regularly and posted in the facility. d. The purpose of the pod is to lessen the risk of exposure to COVID-19 among players, and facilitate potential contract tracing.
  • Players must bring their own equipment including racquet, ball, safety glasses, towel and water bottle.  Water fountains and towel service cannot be offered at this time.
  • When on court, players should avoid touching any of the walls, floors, other surfaces and their face.
  • When exiting the court for any reason, players should maintain a two metre distance from other individuals in the facility.